A bunch of guys in their mid30-s is sitting at the bar_it's an early afternoon outside_the interior is drown in edge-blunting semi-darkness_five low lamps are shedding dark yellow piss like faint glare_that's all the light in the bar_the green carpet stained with drunken steps is black_an ungodly ugly bartendees is wearing red dress_her greasy almost dripping with oil blond hair is pull back_she is gaping at the tube hanging down from a streaked with black ceiling.
one of the guy, a short skinny man with long nose and big beady eyes leans to another guy and...
- hey, jimmy, would you fuck this broad?
- are you fucking out of your mind...wouldnT fuck her with a stolen dick.
- why not ? wants to know the short skinny man with his big beady eyes moist with a fuck pulling on his long eyelashes _he is beaming on the broad behind a bar_he also knows that jimmy fucks pretty much everything that moves and dosenT run up a tree.
- why not, jimmy?
...another guy jimmy has been swapping yarns about his fucking spree...says,...
so i took her home...in the kitchen before i eagle spread the bitch i put four strawberries up in her ass...four fucking strawberries each the size of an apple. man...cum on her face while she was shitting those big red bubs...hahahahahahahahahaha!
he leans back in his stool with arms folded on his hairy chest and chuckles loudly lost in a reverie of a fuck and strawberries he remembers his wife ate later...

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