Dentist Pavlik died suddenly. He was so untimely dissmissed form the ranks of living. His demise in disguise of heart attack came and laid him in a 6 feet deep cavity of a grave with claish gums. Shit! he was only thirty8.
He died that very same day i came to see him about my teeth reeking with decay. My mouth was filled with stinking breath inside which above tounge swelled with puss hang sagging palate.
Been afraid of dentists all my life. Those who never had a drill caress their gums with bashful smiles bump against rotten stumps, know shit about DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRill!
In his office there was this comfy fotel i sat in, streched my legs. The interior of his office was swelled with smells of detergents.
Dr. Pavlik: Uhm gonna fix your smile...pearly smile...Hollywood shine.
I : How much its gonna cost me?
Dr. Pavlik: Eleven grand.
Dr. Pavlik asked me to open this foul-hole of my mouth to numb a molar he said he was going to save. he put on latex gloves smelling like wetflour, and reached so deep inside my mouth that i gaged.
Dr. Pavlik: O!right...letS numb this foul- smelling hole...
His round, clean shaven, cold face splashed against my popping with stress eyes, his odorless breath rippled my taunt face.
A young broad tanned so much that her complexion was that of a moldy bark of a sick tree came in, around the fotel, holding a needle and a smile. Both sterilized.
She started humming a tune while the sharp needle squirted out fluid and transparent aphasia.
I jerked.
Dr. Pavlik: Oh, come on...donT be afraid.
The yellowed faced assistantee fanned my face while Dr. Pavlik numbed the molar. Her breath was scented with chemicals. Maybe it was the mouthwash he rinsed her mordant teeth after brushing her teeth with Dr. PavlikS ... .
Dr. Pavlik: Ok!...letS wait...until...
Dr. Pavlik: It shouldnT take longer than...and...i think.
The broad with the complexion of a sick tree patted me on my back.
When i was a kid i lied to my mother and fixed my already then cavitated smile with sweet chewing gum. All those cavities were like ants that scattered more decay all over my teeth.
Dr.Pavlik: Is it numbed?
I: is...
He picked up a drill and...Shit! Jaw ripping pain fleed to the Pulp Chamber.
Dr. Pavlik: Medicine...dentistry in particular is so advansweat souldnT hurt so much...
I groan/moan/ am about to roar when the yellowed faced assistantee starts singing.
I feel neurons inside my head with wilted with fear brain, bursting with pain.
ThereS no teeth inside the brain. Imagine! Molars in Medulla Oblongata, Inciors in Pons, Canines in Cerebellum, and Premolars in Frontal lobe. Imagine! you could have heard toughts chatter and prattled and grind images right behind your eyes.
OH MY! .....the pain...rootcanal...fuck this!! since dentistry is so advansweat i want my toe nails transplanted in my gums. I'd'em polished and paint and forever had clean, shiny, manicured smile.
Dr. Pavlik:...almost done...donT move...donT close your mouth...
Dr. Pavlik: Done!
I'm still numbed. I get off the fotel, but the pain is still sitting there, dosenT want to leave.
I'm in the reception room waiting for the yellow faced broad to come so i can pay her and leave When,
as if somebody dropped a bomb in the office something hit the floor sending a shudder, the entire place quaked . It was the body of Dr. Pavlik hitting the ground. The broad is wailing.
Well, I am still numbed but can feel the right corner of my upper lip raise...sneer at such an untimely dimise of Dr. Pavlik.

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